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(f/n): First Name. (l/n): Last Name. (h/l)(h/c): Hair Color/Length. (e/c): eye color.

How could you know that your life was going to change with one single chance meeting, one little tug of fate and your life became an adventure.

1:34 AM Tuesday

You couldn't sleep that night, your mind a buzz with thoughts and stories. You liked making up stories, It was the only thing that seemed to cheer you up on nights like these when the snow was falling slowly.

You wiggled around in your bed trying your best to get comfortable but it was no use. Every possible position just didn't feel right. You finally gave up with trying to fall asleep, and instead sat up in your bed leaning close to the window so you could get a better view outside at the snow covered houses.

The winter wonderland of a view outside your house was breathtaking, never once has your little town had such a beautiful winter. You decided to have a little fun well stuck awake tonight, so leaning close to the window you slowly breathe hot air onto the ice cold glass causing it to fog up. Taking your index finger you begin to trace out a christmas tree than a star, but you hear a soft crackle noise as the rest of your window freezes over with thin fragile frost. You watch as small pictures appear in this wonderful sheet of icy frost.

You look at it in shock and awe, perhaps you were only dreaming, but as you place your finger tips on the cold icy glass you realize you aren't dreaming at all. You remember the tales about Jack Frost, about how this spirit likes to frost up windows and add little drawings in them. So you breathe more warm soft air onto the window drawing a moon and stars around it, and under it added by the frost is a lake. You begin to feel as giddy as a child, so you write on the fogged up window "Is that you, Jack Frost?"

What happened next catch's you by surprise, just below your writing a single word forms in the thin frost, "Yes." You become as excited as a child on christmas day, and of course you wanted to ask so much but all you could muster was a low whisper of "Wow" under your breath.

You get onto your knee's and unlock the window quietly not wanting to wake your parents, you slide it up allowing the cold air to gush into your room. You stick your head out your window looking around to see if anything or anyone was there, but sadly not a single living soul was in sight. You sigh slowly as all your glee vanishes, you close the window as quiet as you can and lock it back up.

As you settle back into your warm bed the light of the moon shined in through your window softly covering your bed sheets, you look up to your window seeing the moon staring right back with its familiar soft white glow. You've always had a strong pull towards the moon, staring at it for a bit you feel yourself begin to doze off into a quiet slumber. Just as you are seconds away from deep sleep you hear what sounds like a finger running over glass as darkness welcomes you to rest your eyes.

10:23 AM Tuesday

In the morning the sun greeted you with a bright shine, you roll over in bed trying to cover your head with your warm bed sheets. But it wasn't long till your little sister Liz came running into your room like a rhino and jumps up onto you causing you to let a annoyed groan. You sit up in bed your (h/c/l) hair a huge mess from sleep, Liz hops up and down on your bed excited like a rabbit. "Snow day! Snow day!" She shouts out as she continues to jump on your bed causing you to bounce slightly on the springs of your bed, You smile a bit looking out of your window. You gasp slightly fumbling around in your sheets to get free from their warmth, you look at the frost that covered your window with its reflective beauty. Running your fingers down the icy cold glass you see the initials JF etched into the frost, You shake your head thinking you're still half asleep, but there it was still etched into the frost. Liz tugged on your arm giggling "Come on (f/n)!!! Lets go play out in the snow!" You turned your head to her still in shock from this odd situation, but than you huff giving her your smile of approval "Alright Lizzy! I'll come play out in the snow after breakfast, now scoot you!" You spin her around and pat her back so she stumbles over to you door.

You get out of your bed as Liz rushes out of your room to wake up your little brother Matt, tho you know instantly he'll just shove her out of his room. You stretch out to get sleep out of your muscles and bones, you head over to your dresser rummaging through the middle drawer for your favorite shirt, when you find it you smile with glee. It was a soft pastel blue with a butterfly design sewn into it with dark blue thread, You change out of your pajamas's and into some fresh under garments than slip on the soft cotton shirt along with your sewn and patched up jeans that had taken quite a beating this year. You head downstairs before your siblings come thrashing down before you, you slide into the kitchen loving that one spot before your kitchen that allows you to slide across the cold floor.

You get out a box of cereal from the top cabinet than snatch up the milk from the fridge, You hear Liz hop down the stairs followed by the slow steps of Matt who most likely had his face in his video game, Liz slides into the kitchen and stops just before stumbling into you, you set down two bowls of cereal for the little tikes, and help Liz into her chair she still had trouble with those tall chairs.

Matt finally comes into the kitchen face first in his video game portable player, you snatch it from him earning you a loud "HEY!!!" From him. You put it on top of the fridge pointing to the other bowl of cereal "Breakfast and chores THAN you get your game back" He huffs at you crossing his arms as he sits down across from Liz. This is how it normally was for you and your sibling's every morning. Your parents were at work for most of the day, so it was your job to take care of them. After breakfast Liz rushes away to brush her teeth and get on her snow gear, you clean up the kitchen a bit than get on your black coat and blue hat with matching gloves, you slip your hiking boots on than tie the laces together tightly.

You see Liz hopping up and down excited to get out to play with her friends. "you go ahead Liz, I'll grab Matt" Liz opens the door letting a huge gust of cold air to flood into the hall way, you shut it behind her than turn to see Matt glaring at you "Can I have my game back? I did my chores" You cross your arms tapping your foot "I told Liz we were going to play outside, and that means ALL of us. So get your snow gear on and come outside for a bit, If you do you can play your video game for the rest of the day." he huff's louder this time as he tosses on his gear and stomps out before you into the snow, you follow him out shutting the door behind you.

You look out at the snow covered ground, and houses. You smile with glee walking over to Liz who was making a snow angel with her other friends. When suddenly you feel a snow ball smack right into the back of your hide, You spin around on your heels toward Matt who was kicking some snow with his feet. You kneel down scooping up some snow and gently patting it into a snowball, you throw it right at his shoulder he looks up in shock than makes his own snowball tossing it at you as you try to make another one, Matt's snowball smacks you right in the face and you step back a bit rubbing the snow off.

Matt starts to laugh as the other kids join in on the snowball fight, Liz tosses one at Matt making him fall back into a pile of snow, You and Liz begin to giggle at bit as Matt stands up shaking off the snow. "Oh you two are so going to get it now" You and Liz gasp running away as Matt trails after you meaning to shove snow down both your coats, You hear  another laugh though one that sounded like a teenage boy. You stop for a second looking around for where it came from, but as soon as you stopped Matt shoved snow into your coats hoodie and it trailed down your back making you yelp loudly causing another joyful chuckle that seemed to come from the wind.

Liz seemed to have stopped as well because her shoe slipped off, she hops back over to where her shoe was laying, that's when she slipped on a small patch of ice. She yelps in surprise catching your attention, you try to rush over to catch her that's when a teenage boy slides over scooping her up before she falls, You stop dead in your tracks when your (e/c) meet the soft ice blue eyes of the strange boy that just saved her little sister.

His snow white hair was rather odd, but the fact that he wasn't wearing shoes and torn up pants was more strange, But you push that to the back of your mind as you rush over to help your little sister. "Thank you for catching her" you blurt out as you take Liz from the arms of the strange boy, He gives you a shocked looked and blinks a couple times "Y-You can see me!?" You nod slowly putting your sister down so you can help her put her other boot on. The boy spins around on his heels and laughs like a child "She can see me! old are you?" He kneel's down to look at your face, You shuffle around a bit letting your sister rush back to the snowball fight.

You turn back to face the boy when you realize he was up close to your face staring at you with a puzzled gaze. "I'm seventeen years old...why?" He tilts his head a bit "Your face looks familiar...Have I seen you before?" You stumble back a bit from the uncomfortable closeness of his face to yours. "I don't believe s-so...My name is (f/n) (l/n)" He grins "Oh an introduction, Right! My name is Jack Frost, the one and only!" He gives you a sly smirk as you look at him dumbfounded.
:snowflake: Part one of my little story, I don't really know if I'll continue it much if it isn't working out. :snowflake:

:snowflake: Anyway hope you enjoy this, It took me three days to make this...I'm a slow writer. :snowflake:

:snowflake: Enjoy this little story! Lots of love to all you Snowflakes! :snowflake:

Part One: You're here! :snowflake:
Part Two: Here!
Part Three: Here!

Story line (C) :iconaquariusnymph:

Jack Frost & Rise of the Guardians(C) DreamWorks
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