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The young boy's smile grew into a joyful grin, as for you. You were staring at Jack Frost dumbfounded and slightly skeptical. Walking around him looking him up and down, You noticed tiny details. Like the frost on his sweatshirt or how as you got close the air was colder around him.

Standing in front of him again his grin as wide as can be, you finally say something "I just have to be dreaming, there is no way this is really happening" Jack begins to softly chuckle as he twirls the wooden staff he carried along with him. He stepped towards you and gently flicked your forehead "Nah I think your wide awake, want me to toss you into the snow to fully make sure?" A sly smile creeps across his lips as he says this, you shake your head backing up "No no! You're right I'm not dreaming at all!" He begins to laugh amused by your reaction "Oh your face was priceless!...But I'd like to know how you can see me, I mean your almost my age...well not true but you're not a child that's for sure." You tilt your head to the side just a bit.

"What do you mean...I can see you perfectly fine" Jack leans on his staff as he taps his chin. "I mean you must believe in me if you can see me...But you look way too familiar to me...Man this is going to bug me forever now!" He grumbles a bit as he runs his fingers through his sliver hair. "Maybe North will know...Alright than I'll go ask him! See ya around Kiddo!" And with that the strange boy jumped up and flew away with a shout of joy, You watched in awe and shake your head as your mouth was slightly hanging ajar.

"But come on there has to be something about her that we know! Like maybe her memories or something." Jack huffed as North gave him a stern look "You would have to ask Tooth for dis girl's memories" Jack leaned on his staff feeling as if this was a losing battle. "But she looked so familiar...Do you remember meeting a girl like her?" Jack gave North a pleading look, but to his dismay North shock his head. Jack had only one other person he could go too for any kind of clue who this girl was and how she was able to see him, Tooth would help the best she could he knew she would.
Jack waves goodbye to North as he heads to Tooth's palace. Feeling a guilty emotion welling up in his chest that he has met that girl before, and that there was something important about her.

As Jack arrives at Tooth's palace she is rushing around checking the memory boxes and giving orders to her sweet little helpers she spots Jack down below waving up to her, a joyful smile lights up on her face as she zooms down hugging Jack "Oh it is so good too see you! What are you doing here, Jack?" She tilted her head a slight bit confused as to why Jack had just showed up without notice.

Jack huffs explaining to her why he came to visit her, Tooth nods once he is done with explaining what was happening she thinks about who the girl could be than flies up to a locked box, this one had a certain design on it that seemed odd. It didn't have the face of the child yet a symbol. she takes out a box for the girl Jack was wondering about, than flies down to Jack landing softly in front of him.

"these teeth hold the most important memories to her, I know who she is, I met her when she was a little cute one, she was so sweet and caring...But I believe this is an adventure you must have, Jack" Tooth gave Jack a comforting smile placing the memory box into Jack's hands, Jack looks down at the beautifully colored box full of a child's most dear memories.

You lay in bed sleeping peacefully as dreams crowed your mind, but slowly you drift off to the same nightmare you have most of the time, You're a little girl again running through a forest in your pajama's as something chases you. You can't see what is pursuing you but you know to run away from it, but soon you are stopped by a tall shadow of a man with bright gold eyes. Darkness surrounds you soon blocking out the light of the moon. You wake up from the nightmare sitting up in bed as you pant heavily, you look up at the moon from your window feeling like it will comfort you as if you were a scared little child.

You hear the familiar sound of crackling ice near the window, it slowly becomes covered in beautiful frost. You crawl out from your bed over to the window, and breathe warm air onto the window lightly running your finger over it to draw out a star and moon. Again under it is drawn out a lake with tree's around it, you finally remember where you've seen that lake before.

Its the one out in the dark forests just behind your house. You decide that in the morning you'll make the little trip down to that lake to see why this strange place keeps calling to you, it feels like that lake holds something from your memories that you can't remember.

In the morning you throw on your heavy gear to keep you warm, and head out to the forests behind your house. As you walk along the trails of the animals you come across some strange looking tree's and rocks, You walk to one of the trees taking your glove off you feel the cold bark and something felt familiar about these kind of trees. You crouch down lowering your hand to the height of a child's reach, that's when the memory flooded back to your mind of running through the forest as a little girl.

You were running away from someone, but unlike your dream this was a playful chase. You were playing tag with a dear friend of yours, you can't remember who it was though. You are scooped up into a tight hug as you giggle with joy, the arms felt slender and muscular. A soft cold seeped into your skin and bones and all you remember is a soft chuckle and cold lips on your forehead.

You fall backwards from the tree panting heavily like last night after the dark nightmare, You look around you as you notice you had only been blacking out for a few minutes. You stand up putting your glove back on, and turning towards the path you knew lead to the frozen over lake.

You arrive at the frozen lake after walking for about an hour or more, your legs felt tired from trudging through all that deep heavy snow. You sit down near the edge of the lake looking over it and across it towards the rocks and boulders that sit on the other side of the lake. A cold breeze blows through your (h/l/c) and seeps into your warm gear. "Hey, Kiddo" You hear these words from just over your shoulder, you knew whose voice that was, and you knew you couldn't run from this adventure anymore.
:snowflake: Here is part two, sorry it has taken me forever to finish this! But I do hope you'll enjoy this part! :snowflake:

Part one: Here!
Part two: You're here!:snowflake:
Part three: Here!

Jack frost and Rise of the Guardians (C) DreamWorks

Story(C) :iconaquariusnymph:
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