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As your eyes open you realize you're out in the forests, with the moon shining down on you. Propping yourself up with your elbows you looking around at your surroundings as you lay on the warm grass a soft breeze with the scents of summer blows around you giving a calming effect. The tall shadowy figure stands over you with those piercing eyes. “Good morning princess, how do you like my nightmare?” You try to move your body fast enough to get away but it felt heavy, and weak. Struggling to even stand to your feet you glare at the sinister looking man. “W-What do you want from me!?” He chuckles softly as the soft breeze fades away, the shadows felt like they were inching closer, and closer to you with every breath you took. “I simply want to show you what has been kept from you for SO long, my dear...How about you look into the lake which draws you here into this forest.” You turn around looking into the lake, you see thousand of bodies floating motionless, and still.

You scream in horror falling to your knee's in front of the blood stained lake, the bodies looked all like you from babies to elderly woman. “Oh god...this is...What the hell is this!?” The man kneels next to you petting your hair as he hugged you close “Shush now, look at what pain you've been through. Every single life you have lived came to such a painful end. But not for nothing...You have lived the most amazing adventures, and in your possession now is a aggressive and deadly power! Those foolish Guardians have watched you die time, and time again. Allowing you to die so many painful deaths, they should be taught a little lesson!” You look up at the man eyes full of tears as you try your best not to sob. “Join me...And we'll teach them what pain really is.” Your eyes go wide as you realize what was really happening, shoving the cruel evil man away you get to your feet as that fire in your heart burns again. “No! Liar! This is all just a cruel nightmare! You're nothing but a monster!” There it was again that sinking feeling of being surrounded by shadows and darkness. The man glares at you with a piercing look of death. “Fine want to see a monster. Then look in a mirror!” Black sand rises from the ground creating a mirror in front of you, the girl looking back was you but not you, bright yellow piercing eyes and slick black hair was met with grayish skin and a beautifully flowing black gown. “The monster which still dwells in your mind from the first time I caught you in my nightmares! Whose the real monster now!”

Tooth fluttered back and forth, zipping around as if pacing. “North, what if we just told him? Wouldn't it be easier?” North sighs for the millionth time, Tooth had been pressing this same argument for hours now without so little as a break. “Tooth for the last time, we cannot interfere in Manny's work!” Tooth huffs loudly zipping down in front of him. “It won't be Manny's work if she is harmed in anyway again!!!” North looks at Tooth with a shocked expression that she would raise her voice like this, but his eyes go wider when he notices Jack standing only a couple feet away with a stern look in his eyes. “Whats this whole argument about? What's this about “Manny's work”?” Tooth backs off a bit biting her lower lip as she looks too North for help. “Um well...You see Jack...There is something you need to know.”

“Do you really think the beloved Guardians would care about a worthless, useless, and most of all a monstrous girl like you!?” You back up as the man looms over you. “In the end would they accept you!? NO! They would toss you out and forget all about you!” You cover your ears shaking your head. “Stop it! You're a liar! J-Jack-” The man shoves you to the ground pointing in the direction of your heart a black shimmering arrow made of black sand. “Jack is a foolish child that will never learn from his mistakes, and he will never care about a piece of garbage like you.” You clutch your chest as the warm flame in your heart burns stronger. “No! You're wrong! They would never forget about me because they are my friends! I'm stronger then you because I have my friends who love me!” You stand up as the world around your feet crumbles away. “Your nightmares aren't stronger then my dreams!!!” The man vanishes as the nightmare shatters into pieces leaving your mind, allowing you too wake up on your bedroom floor as the moon shines in through your window giving a soft comforting feeling as if telling you “You did good.”
After that horrid event you decided that a nice long walk in the fresh cool air would be good for you. You slip your snow gear on then quietly creep down the stairs, seemed your parents had gotten home already. You sneak out the back door into the cool calming world lit up by the moon's soft glow. Clutching your chest as it felt like a fire was still burning strongly. “Why won't this go away, this feeling is-” You hear a twig snap up above in the tree's which causes you to tense up looking up very slowly to see what could be above you, but to your relief it was a simple hawk. “Oh you scared me little guy...what are you doing out here though?” You begin to walk again hearing the clank and scrap of the hawk's claws on tree branches as it seems to follow you, You begin to worry that you may be in danger but soon you find yourself at the frozen lake again with the huge boulders on the other side of it. “oh...I ended up here again.” You sit down at the edge placing your palms on the cold ground you lean over to look down into the lake, to your relief it was frozen through and all you saw was your reflection in the ice. “That's my reflection...The real me shows in the ice...Right?” You hear the hawk caw loudly as if responding to your question, you turn around to face it, its feathers a soft hazel color with tan on its tips. “You're a strange act like you understand me” The hawk stares down at you meeting your (e/c) as it bows its head at you. “You do understand me!” You stumble trying to get up fast enough to rush over to the tree that it perched on. “You have to know something about whats going on right, you wouldn't follow me all the way out here for nothing” The hawk flaps its wings then hops off the branch taking off into the night sky, you spin on your heels taking off after it, following it hopeful that it will lead you to a new adventure.

“What do you mean I've met her before!?” Jack's voice was full of rage at this point, as the two guardians tried to explain to him how he knew you. “Jack please...(y/n) is a very special girl, all we want is to protect her.” Jack paces back and forth gripping his staff in his left hand tightly. “So that justifies erasing my memories and her's!?” Tooth sighs with a guilty expression. “No it does not...I wish we hadn't.” North sits down rubbing his temples in frustration. “We 'ere given orders from Manny...And we followed them” Jack slams his staff down covering the floor in ice, and points at them in anger. “That isn't an excuse! Those were memories that meant the world to that little girl, her time spent with the guardians were the most important to her I bet! But to take away those memories, and replace them with false ones...That is just crossing the line!” Tooth begins to speak but stops when she realizes nothing will justify their actions in the past. “We are sorry Jack...We only meant to protect her.” Jack shakes his head leaning on the railing which kept others from falling down the floors below. In that split second though he hears a soft bell ring out, ignoring it as only perhaps a sound from the workshop below. But when the bell soon gets louder, and is joined by others he turns around looking at the two guardians whom had expression of pure guilt. “Do you hear bells?” Tooth looks at North then back to Jack shaking her head as North shrugs. “Jack we don't hear any bells.” Jack listens to where the sound was coming from but it echoed through the wind.”those bells...I've heard them before!” Jack takes off rushing to reach the destination of where the soft melody of the bells was really from.

As you continue to follow the hawk through the forest, going ever deeper into its depths you finally come to a clearing with a big pine tree in the middle covered in snow, but what hanged from its branches are what caught your eye. “Wow...I've never seen something so beautiful” The snow covered pine tree had small bells tied on its branches with red string. You walk over too it looking up at the hawk as it perched on the very top. “Alright, I can do this” You grab a branch above your head pulling yourself up onto it, you begin too climb the tree, each bell softly rang out as you climbed the branches higher and higher till you got close to the top looking out at the forest around you, it was a stunning view as the snow shimmered in the moon light, each tree outlined by shadows. In the distance you saw your town with its bright welcoming lights. “Why do I feel like, this place means so much to me.” The hawk caws loudly allowing it voice to echo out through the forest. When from behind on the ground below you a strained voice gasping for breath calls out. “I finally found you...(y/n)”
:snowflake: I've finally been able to sit down and just write this all out, feels good to get this stuff made. :snowflake:

Part one: Here! :snowflake:
Part two: Here! :snowflake:
Part three: Here! :snowflake:
Part four: You're here!:snowflake:
Part One Chapter One:Here!
Part One Chapter Two: Here!
Part Two Chapter Two: Here!
Part Three Chapter Two: Here!
Story idea & Guardian Of Adventure(C) :iconaquariusnymph:
Rise of the Guardians(C) Dreamworks Studio
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